Trapped Inside One’s Oren Head

Question: Have you ever felt trapped inside your head with fear and anxiety? What do you do to feel better?

Answer: I have never felt that very realistic psychological state you describe and other comments connected to.

But in a more general sense we are all “trapped inside our heads”, meaning we all have a completely introverted, egocentric and subjective outlook on life and the world.

In order to escape this limited, subjective consciousness, perception we need to escape somewhere and that “somewhere” is outside of us/inside others.

If we invest 100% efforts into sensing others, caring for others, trying to see the world through the eyes of others, we simply forget about ourselves as we have risen above the subjective coordinates of time, space and motion. It is similar to a doting mother’s state who focuses so much on her baby that she forgets about eating, sleeping, looking after herself as she is single mindedly “inside/around the baby”.

I do not know if the same method can be helpful with the realistic psychological state you asked about, maybe “living outside the self/inside the others” can prevent such states occurring.

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