Educating For A Harmonious Society

Question: How can we develop social harmony?

Answer: Through unique, purposeful education.

We are unable to achieve social harmony, we are unable to build fair, peaceful and sustainable Human societies because we still do not know how to rise above, act against our inherently selfish, egoistic and hateful nature.

Thus our instinctive mutual distrust, mutual rejection spoils, distorts all our attempts, and no political, economic or social means can help us against our nature.

Only through the above mentioned unique “integral” education/upbringing – which works through positive motivation, providing immediate, tangible, positive emotional impressions – can we help each other “rise above ourselves” and build connections outside of the sphere of our destructive egos.

Then in that new “dimension” – above, outside of our inherent nature – will we be able to build a new, better, qualitatively much higher Human society that is harmonious and sustainable.

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