Fearful Responsibility

Question: What is your greatest fear in life that you are afraid of?

Answer: Fear is a very important quality. Fear is the most potent motivator. While a pleasant feeling, contentment slows us down, urges us to rest and keep the state, fear keeps us moving, searching, researching, improving on our actual state.

According to unique, empirical natural scientists who revealed and attained reality together with its “Theory of Everything”- also fully understanding Human nature in the process – claim that we go through the development of fear in 3 steps.

The first fear is the most natural, instinctive, when we fear for our own well-being, survival, trying to keep our own “honor”, “self-esteem”.

The next level of fear already transcends this corporeal life and its desires, fulfillment. This fear relates to our meaning, purpose in life, what happens to us after physical death. This is still an egoistic fear but it is a qualitatively higher one, lifting us above the simple, instinctive, animate survival to a more “Human” level.

The qualitatively highest level of fear also relates to meaning, purpose of life, it also relates to desires and fulfillment that go beyond our corporeal life. But this fear relates to all that from a very different point of view. After we have already progressed in researching the overall meaning of life, when we have already started to understand, moreover at least partially fulfill our unique “cogwheel role” in Natural reality’s perfect, cosmic system we acquire a completely different kind of fear.

We start to fear that if we do not perform our role perfectly, if we do not help everybody else to come to sense their meaning in life, finding their own role in the system, we are harming the system, causing terrible damage to everybody else.

This fear is the recognition of our absolute, total responsibility for the system, understanding that regardless of how small a cogwheel is, if my cogwheel does not turn together with the whole system in the most seamless, optimal way I cause the whole system to break down.

This is the recognition of the fully, globally integrated Natural system and are absolute interdependence in it. I have started to feel this kind of fear a while ago and this fear constantly grows spurring me to act.

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