Poor But Happy

Question: How some people are poor still, happiest people in the world?

Answer: That’s because happiness has no connection to money, material wealth.

Of course we need money to cover our basic, natural Human necessities and provide a comfortable, healthy life for our families.

But beyond those necessities happiness depends on being satisfied with what one has, and it especially depends on the quantity and quality of positive, mutually supportive, mutually complementing connection in between people.

You will find that in poorer countries, societies people still live in close knit communities, 2,3 generations living under one roof, providing the constant, warm, immediate, family-like mutual support which we have completely abandoned in the modern Western world.

Thus we have money, material possessions, all the gadgets one can dream of, but we are depressed, unhappy, angry and use substances to escape life.

But the solution is not to become poor agin in order to rediscover happiness. The solution is building the appropriate, selfless, mutually supportive, mutually complementing interconnections which will bring us true happiness.

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