Avoiding Midlife Crisis

Question: Have you ever experienced a midlife crisis? Did you ever get out of it?

Answer: I am 53 this year and I have experienced “midlife crisis” but fortunately only in a “shadowy” way, as if watching someone else going through it, sensing, feeling, observing the despair, helplessness, exploding new desires, panic to grab everything for myself while I still can, running away without considering the consequences…

The reason I managed to watch myself go through midlife crisis in such an “out of body” manner is, that by then I was already deep in my studies about the overall meaning of our life, taking part in a purposeful, methodical process towards revealing and fulfilling our true, unique, evolutionary Human role, purpose in reality.

This method gives one the ability to watch oneself “from the side” in order to observe all the inevitably appearing, instinctive, egocentric desires, aspirations as they rise and fall. Through this unique method one is already in a commanding position over the hormonal, instinctive animal inside, while the “Human observer” relentlessly progresses towards the overall goal, purpose unabated.

Thus I would recommend to everybody to take the inevitably appearing questions, desires about “meaning/purpose of life” seriously, to act on them in order to learn about ourselves, about the desires, urges that drive us, so we can prepare ourselves to rise above them and “ride the donkey instead of the donkey leading us”.

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