Cyborg Enhancement Or Education?

Question: Do you think “cyborg” enhancements would be positive for society given the amount of time many people spend with technology already?

Answer: I don’t think so. Neither “cyborg” enhancement, nor technology in general can help us in making society more positive.

And they won’t help us diving our mounting global problems either as the only root cause of all those performs is our inability to build positive, sustainable, mutually responsible, mutually complementing connections, cooperation with each other.

We are prevented in doing so by our inherently selfish, greedy and hateful egos. This inherent ego would drive us towards mutually assured self-destruction with such “cyborg” enhancement faster.

But if we want to make society more positive, if we want to solve our mounting global problems and facilitate our collective survival, we need a unique, purposeful, practical educational method that can help us act above, against our nature.

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