Riding Above The Good And Bad States

Question: Does the good ever justify the bad?

Answer: Good does not exist without bad. We can’t discern, reveal, attain one without the other. We can’t sense sweet without bitter, we can’t feel true love without overwhelming hate. This is how our perception of reality works.

Moreover the whole Natural reality is built of, lives by the intricate interaction of two opposite, seemingly incompatible, rejecting forces. Without the tension, pulsating action/reaction of these opposite forces there is no life.

Our Human uniqueness is to learn how to rise above the direct sensation of good vs bad states by learning, understanding the overall evolutionary plan of reality, aligning whatever happens to us, around us towards the final goal, purpose of this plan. We have to become the objective, independent observer, witness of reality, justifying its purposeful perfection as if we planned, governed it through the unique “cosmic education” we can consciously become part of.

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