The Threat Of Loneliness

Question: What is the greatest threat to one’s life that no one even thinks about?

Answer: Loneliness, being isolated from others. Although Nature through the global, fully integrated and interdependent world tries to “hint” to us, we still do not want to accept that we are but individual cells of a single, unified Human “super-organism”. Our inherently proud, individualistic, egoistic nature clouds, distorts this true perception from us.

But even medicine has proven by now that loneliness, being isolated from others is harmful, it causes different physical diseases, leads to death. Alone we are like body parts, organs that were torn away from the body, losing their vitality, survival capability.

Thus we have to overcome our egoistic nature and learn how to build crucial positive, mutually responsible and mutually complementing interconnections above the ego’s resistence, so we could restore the health of the common Human body in order to safeguard our collective survival.

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