The Most Incredible Discovery

Question: What’s the most unbelievable thing that has ever happened in the history of mankind that makes it difficult to grasp the reality that the event occurred?

Answer: If we remember the “hysterical excitement”, media frenzy when scientists claimed to have found the “God particle” through the particle accelerator as we believed that would give us the keys to “The Theory of Everything”, we can imagine the significance of the breakthrough unique, ancient, empirical scientists made when they actually found and described “The Theory of Everything” a few thousand years ago.

(This means fully, tangibly, scientifically attaining Nature’s complete system as it is governed, developed by a single, all-comprehensive force-field we can detect by becoming similar to its qualities.)

And we still can comprehend what they wrote down for us, and we still stubbornly try to “do it our way” – through our inherently blind, egocentric, subjective perception – instead of following their advice and thus acquiring a “quantum” consciousness, perception above the subjective limitations of time, space and motion!

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