Beyond Metaphysics, Trying To Prove And Attain A Seemingly Undetectable Force

Question: Is metaphysics a complicated argument for the existence of God or is the existence of God an absolute presupposition of a particular metaphysical investigation? Can a metaphysician argue equally well the non existence of God?

Answer: Any science which tries to investigate a force, entity that is so far unknown has to start with the”presupposition” that the named force, entity exists, although at present we can’t detect it.

It was similar with the famous “God particle” quantum physicists were looking for in the particle accelerator. By their previous investigations, experiments they suspected, “presupposed” that such a particle “has to exist” so they set out to find it. They needed that particle to complete their formula for the Universe, to try to completely describe the sought after “Theory of Everything”.

Metaphysics try to explain a similar “theory”, the existence of a single, all-encompassing, intelligent force-field that brought the Universe into existence and still governs, shapes it. The problem with metaphysics that it does not actually offers tools of research, it does not aim at actually revealing, attaining that force, it is content to remain on the presumption level of research.

Only the scientific Wisdom of Kabbalah offers a tool-set and the appropriate “laboratory”/detector, through which anybody interested, accepting the precise conditions of the method, can research and actually attain Nature’s all-encompassing, intelligent force-field and its relentless, predetermined evolutionary plan. Kabbalists also concluded that for our reality to act, behave a certain way such an all-encompassing, intelligent force has to exist, thus they devised a method for attaining it.

The key of this scientific Wisdom is first helping us to establish a completely selfless thus objective observer. Then this observer will be able to enter and research reality from within -as if becoming one of the particles in the quantum system that can roam and investigate with causing any egoistic, self-serving “ripple effect” by doing so.

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