The Unfair Love Of A Selfish Lover

Question: Which experience made you realize that love is not fair?

Answer: Probably I thought so in my late teenage years when I was mostly unsuccessful with my choices of girlfriends, as they always ended up choosing someone else instead of me.

But then later – when I started to study a very unique, empirical, Natural science that explores Human nature – I realized that only the misunderstood, “fish-love” we instinctively practice, dream and sing about is unfair. “True love” is always fair and perfect.

The “fish-love” we consider love instinctively is completely selfish, subjective. We “love” when it is good for ourselves, when we ourselves receive pleasure from loving another. If we do not receive our own profit, benefit from”loving” another we can’t love. Thus we label this “love” unfair, bitter when we are rejected, or we do not receive the pleasure we expected.

True love is completely disconnected from any personal, selfish calculations, expectations. It is a 100% selfless, unconditional service of the “beloved”, existing through the desires, viewpoints of that “beloved” existing only to fulfill the desires, needs of the other.

As a result on “true love” we cannot be hurt, as our own calculations do not exist, so “true love” is perfect and fair!

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