Riding On The Waves Of History

Question: What influential (historical) figures do believe have had a negative impact on mankind and without whom the world would be a better place?

Answer: I understand why people think that seemingly unique (positive or negative) individual contribution has dramatically changed Human history. After all this interpretation – that personal action, decision has a dramatic influence on the world – is a belief that is born out of our inherently proud, individualistic, self-justifying nature.

But Nature’vast system and its intelligent, relentlessly progressing evolutionary plan does not work this way. From the system’s point of view an individual does not count. We only count as a single, fully integrated, interdependent Human “super-organism”, a single organ in Nature’s body.

And the historic figures, pioneers, inventors are simply people “at the right place at the right time” thrown up by evolution’s historic wave.

And in this Human “super-organism” we are all but individual cogwheels, cells. All of Humanity’s problems originate from us not knowing, not understanding, nut accepting this Natural law.

The world can be a better place only when we study and understand Nature’s fully integral system, its unchanging, progressing evolutionary plan and our own, predetermined cogwheel role in it. For this we need a special, purposeful, practical educational method and the right, fully committed environment where we can practice and implement integration above and against our inherently individualistic, egotistic nature.

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