Methodically Changing Human Society

Question: What single event do you think would have the greatest impact on today’s society?

Answer: From a negative point of view it could be another – this time nuclear – world war, another complete crash of the financial, economic systems, plagues as a result of the increasing antibiotic resistance or similar global meltdown. Those would have the “single blow” ability, power to change our global society as a result of the intolerable suffering.

If we want to change society positively, moreover if we want to avoid the above mentioned negative scenarios – which scenarios seem more and more realistic, inevitable each day – we would need to start a mutual, gradual process of change.

We would need to introduce a unique, purposeful, and practical “integral education/upbringing” that could explain to us the nature, laws and principle of the globally integrated, interdependent world we evolved into. this method then could also explain how our inherently selfish, hateful and greedy nature makes us incompatible to this global system threatening our collective survival.

Finally the method could give us the tools, method and unique “laboratory” – smaller, purposeful environments, groups – where we could practice, exercise, implement the method until it is ready for global “rollout”.

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