True Love Over Egoistic Hate

Question: If love is the most powerful force, why hasn’t it eradicated hatred?

Answer: There are 2 issues in relation to this.

First of all we haven’t felt, developed “true love” yet which is the most powerful force.

The “love” we feel, we dream, sing and write poems about right now is a fully egoistic love. “I love” when it gives me pleasure, when I benefit from this “love”. If there is nothing in it for me anymore, I stop “loving”. Thus this “love” originates from the same root as hate, from our inherently selfish, egoistic and subjective nature.

Moreover hate does not to be eradicated as without hate there is no love. We can’t perceive things, feel things without contrast, without sensing the opposite notion, discernment, emotional impression against it.

Thus when we start to develop “true love” – learning it through a unique, purposeful and practical educational method in the appropriate “laboratory-like” environment – we will develop it against hate. The hate will arise and intensify from our egos, since true love is like “death” to the ego, a completely selfless, unconditional service of another, without any selfish reward, benefit.

When we start sensing this “true love” against the egoistic hate, this is when we will become truly Human, a creature that is able to sense and act above instinctive, egoistic, hormonal reactions, discerning, perceiving reality in between two vastly contradicting qualities, notions.

Then we will understand that hate is part of love, as one cannot exist without the other, while true love will be able to keep hate balanced, under control.

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