Survival By “Universal Brotherhood”

Question: Your answer to The concept of “globalization” has gained tremendous popularity, today. Do you find this concept relevant to the idea of ‘universal brotherhood ‘? Can you pose your opinion for or against the concept?

Answer: You are right. Globalization is the state we evolved into and “universal brotherhood” is the solution for our collective Human survival.

“Globalization” is not something man-made – as many considers it – but it is an evolutionary, survival necessity. Without humanity becoming a fully integrated “super-organism” with a special collective intelligence, we can’t safeguard our collective survival in Nature’s integral system due to our incompatibility with the system.

And the method that can help us achieve Humanity’s integration above, despite our inherently egoistic, mutually distrusting, hateful nature is “brotherly love” according to the well known principle of “love your neighbor as yourself”.

This is not a religious dogma, mystical concept or airy-fairy spiritual slogan. It is the poetic expression of Nature’s most fundamental law securing balance and homeostasis without which life, optimal development can’t exist.

This unfolds through a unique, purposeful and practical educational method which can give us the ability to build the life-saving unity, mutually responsible and mutually complementing connections despite the constant resistance of the ego.

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