Living In An Egoistic Utopia

Question: Is society trying to achieve a utopia?

Answer: Yes, for millennia we have been building the utopia of our selfish ego, which thinks it can role over everything and everybody, wanting to greedily consume everything for itself.

And now we are in a shocking awakening, seeing that our dream of “omnipotent Humans” controlling everything has become a nightmare. We are sinking into a deepening, unsolvable crisis that encompasses everything we do.

We urgently need to wake up and learn how we need to humbly adapt ourselves to Nature’s fully integrated, interdependent system, otherwise we won’t survive. Our egoistic utopia has no right to exist in Nature as it’s incompatible with Nature’s fundamental laws securing balance and homeostasis.

Only when we selflessly, unconditionally integrate with each other will we reach the necessary adaptation, compatibility with Nature.

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