Don’t Do To Others What You Yourself Hate…

Question: What can you teach me in just 10 minutes, which will work in my whole life?

Answer: I can’t help but to answer you as the “old Hillel” did when a convert asked him to teach the convert the Torah while standing on one leg, the “old Hillel” answered: “do not do to others what you yourself hate…”

Don’t worry I don’t try to convert you to Judaism, this quote has relevance to everybody not only Jews.

Our life can get better, we can progress, solve our problems only when we learn how to rise above our inherently selfish, hateful, egotistic nature through which we inevitably keep harming others as our ego pushed us to succeed at the expense of everything, everybody else.

Until we correct this injurer flaw in us through a unique method in a discussion environment, we won’t be able to solve any other problem in life.

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