The Greatest Human Innovation: The Collective “Superhuman”

Question: What is the most important innovation humans have made?

Answer: The greatest innovation of Humankind has not been implemented yet. We have to “innovate”, upgrade ourselves in order to unlock our “truly Human” potential.

This innovation is the “creation” of a Human being, that – above the inherently selfish, egotistic, hateful and greedy nature we are born with – becomes capable of building unity, mutual cooperation that is built on the “supernatural” (above instinctive nature) qualities of selfless, unconditional love and service of others.

Through those qualities and the ensuing benevolent, fully integrated Human “super-organism” we build, with the new “collective intelligence” we become equivalent to Nature’s perfect, cosmic system, we become the conscious, partnering “head” of the whole system, justifying, fulfilling our Human potential of being the “Crowns of Evolution”.

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