Incurable Alcoholics

Question: Why do humans do the opposite of what they know is good?

Answer: Because we are not intellectual, but emotional creatures, 100% led by our instincts, hormonal reactions.

Thus although we might understand with our reason, logic that we have to behave in a certain way to improve our situations, to solve problems, our inherently egoistic, subjective tendencies – that care only about immediate, selfish fulfillment of our own desires mostly at the expense of others – drive us towards cancerous self-destruction.

Today we see the sharpest example of this. Humanity is fast sinking into a seemingly unsolvable global crisis which effects all levels of Human activity. It is very clear that only global cooperation, mutually responsible and mutually complementing connections can solve global problems and safeguard our survival.

Still the instinct to overcome others, to exploit, trick, defeat others is so much stronger that we simply can’t follow our own logical conclusions, but we rather self-destruct like an incurable alcoholic!

Unless we can urgently start a very unique educational program that can facilitate us to act against ourselves, and build true, sustainable interconnections, mutual cooperation above our remaining differences, and despite the constantly burning, “baseless” mutual distrust, hate, we will not survive!

This is the unique, unprecedented crossroads we are standing at in our evolution.

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