Emotional Beings

Question: Emotions or logic first?

Answer: We can philosophize about which one we “want to choose”, but in truth we do not have a choice: we are sentient, emotional creatures.

Our basic matter is a desire for selfish pleasures, our operating software works on an egocentric “pleasure/pain principle”.

Our consciousness, perception of reality is based on the emotional impressions we receive through our senses and our ‘personal computer” is highly sensitive to the different emotional states, moods we are in when making decisions.

Thus it is the emotions that are primary, our mind, logic is there to sort, catalog, make sense of the emotions and to prepare us for the next ‘emotional intake”.

We can develop our mind to supervise, control the emotions better, to lift us above the inherently instinctive, “animate”programming. But for that we need the help of “network computing”, tapping into the unique collective mind of a uniquely organized, purposeful environment.

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