Only A Selfish Egoist, That Knows Oneself Can Strive To Become Selfless!

Question: Why don’t people acknowledge the need to be selfless?

Answer: Because such a notion does not exist in our original operating software. Even if we say, write, repeat the word “selfless” we do not actually comprehend it!

We are born with a 100% self-serving, self-justifying, egoistic and subjective nature. All our calculations return to the “self”, this “self” is the center of the Universe, everything is perceived, evaluated in relation to the “self”.

“Selfless” means “I do not exist” – this is utterly incomprehensible to us!

I fully understand the intention behind the question: how could we be become selfless and start thinking about others, connect to others, since it is obvious that in a globally integrated and interdependent world we can’t solve problems, we can’t survive.

But as indicated above even if we acknowledged the need to be selfless, how could a 100% selfish, egoistic person escape oneself and agree to sacrifice oneself?! And if we do so what will become of us, do I just disappear?!

The solution our Human life, survival depends on a very unique, purposeful, educational method which in the right “laboratory” can gradually lead us out of our egoistic “self”, into a new “upgraded, collective self”, where we can continue our existence in a perfect, eternal manner!

This is what the beautiful “movie-like” story of the Exodus from Egypt describes in a symbolic manner. From next week on this will be discusses, practiced and understood the right way in many places around the world.

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