The Wise Person Knows…

Question: Why does the wisest person in the world claim to know the least?

Answer: Because the “wisest person” knows that knowledge, Wisdom is not ours.

We are born with an inherently egocentric, self-serving, subjective consciousness and perception of reality, which gives us a very limited and distorted picture of reality.

Our whole “proud” Western civilization is sinking into chaos, unsolvable, deepening crisis as everything we have, we “achieved” is built on this futile, but proud Human intelligence.

True Wisdom is something that is outside of us, found in Nature’s perfect system and its infinite database. Thus the “wisest person” is one that managed to completely silence, annul one’s own, inherent knowledge and intelligence, allowing Nature’s Wisdom to flow through one’s empty, transparent vessels.

In order to this flow to unfold we need to build selfless, altruistic, unconditionally loving, serving interconnections in between us. Only this way can we become compatible with nature’s fully integrated, altruistic system, and only when we selflessly, altruistically request Wisdom, fulfillment for the sake of others can it flow through us.

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