None As Wise As The Experienced

Question: What is something nobody can truly understand until they’ve experienced it for themselves? Answer: There is a beautiful saying, “none as wise as the experienced”. There is nothing we can truly understands until we actually go through it. True understanding is called attainment when the direct, tangible, “tasted” emotional impressions from the actual experience … More None As Wise As The Experienced

The Wise Knows Nothing, But Passes On Everything

Question: How true is it when someone says “I’ve forgotten more than you’ll ever know” on a subject? When someone is an expert on something isn’t that because they are able to retain, as much as, possible on a subject? Answer: Yes this is what we instinctively think according to our inherently self -justifying, egocentric … More The Wise Knows Nothing, But Passes On Everything

True Wisdom

Question: How do you recognize true wisdom? Answer: True Wisdom doesn’t belong to anybody. It is Nature’s infinite wisdom that we can attain, “download” when we – in a unique, mutually supportive, mutually complementing environment – empty ourselves of our own previously accumulated, egocentric, subjective knowledge. For this attainment we have to become similar to … More True Wisdom

Useful Wisdom

Question: Can too much knowledge be a bad thing for people? Answer: Yes, too much knowledge through our inherently self-serving, egoistic, subjective mind is very bad, as we use it for our own sake to the detriment of others. This is why we keep on running into crisis and keep destroying our civilisations. Instead we … More Useful Wisdom