When The “Occult” Becomes Scientific Knowledge

Question: What is the Most Powerful Occult Knowledge Known to Man? Answer: Many would claim that the Wisdom of Kabbalah is an occult method. Since to those who haven’t attained the full, complete picture, understanding of Natural reality – which Kabbalah as THE Instruction Guide To Reality facilitates – the intricate cause and effect processes … More When The “Occult” Becomes Scientific Knowledge

Natural Wisdom

Question: Of the things you think you know a lot about, how much do you suppose you know about those things as compared to all that there is to know about them? Answer: It depends on “how” I know them. If I “know” what I know by my own mind, reason, logic; collecting, accumulating knowledge … More Natural Wisdom

Limitless Knowledge

Question: What is the limit of knowing? Answer: There is no limit of knowing. “From the outside” Nature’s infinite knowledge, all the blueprints, solutions, the complete plan of evolution with its intelligent purpose is all available. Our current limit is posed by our own individualistic, self-serving, self-justifying and subjective mind, perception. This is why the … More Limitless Knowledge

Changing Personal Knowledge To Absolute Wisdom

Question: What is the most hard-won piece of knowledge you have gained over the course of your life? What made it so difficult to acquire? Answer: The most hard-won piece of knowledge I have gained is that my own knowledge, everything I accumulated through my life, my studies is worth nothing, as it is completely … More Changing Personal Knowledge To Absolute Wisdom

Teaching One’s Self

Question: What’s something you’re glad you taught yourself? Answer: I am very glad that after all I did not teach myself anything. Teaching ourselves is like a dog chasing its own tail. We are born with an inherently self-serving, self-justifying and egoistic nature, viewing reality in a completely subjective, introverted fashion. If I try to … More Teaching One’s Self