Changing Personal Knowledge To Absolute Wisdom

Question: What is the most hard-won piece of knowledge you have gained over the course of your life? What made it so difficult to acquire?

Answer: The most hard-won piece of knowledge I have gained is that my own knowledge, everything I accumulated through my life, my studies is worth nothing, as it is completely subjective and self-serving. Thus it cannot provide help to achieve success in a fully integrated and completely interdependent natural system.

Instead of “personal knowledge” we need Wisdom, which is not “ours” but it will fill us from Nature’s infinite Wisdom when we achieve complete self-annulment towards others in a unique, mutual environment, preparing pure, selfless, empty vessels that true, absolute Wisdom can fill.

It is the most difficult to acquire since we have to go, wok against our own inherent, self-serving and self-justifying nature, we have to rise above instinctive logic, reason.

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