Choice? What Choice?

Question: Have you ever thought you made the right choice, but it turned out to be the worst in your life?

Answer: Yes, many times. I used to regret and overthink my decisions and how they turned out at the end. It kept happening until I finally understood that I haven’t made, I am not making any decisions at all, and there is nothing to regret our overthink.

We exist in a fully deterministic, “lawful” natural system which directs, pulls, pushes us according to its evolutionary plan without asking our consent. Our Human uniqueness, purpose is not about changing anything in the system or in the original plan.

Our Human purpose is to learn, understand and finally justify the system and its plan. We have to go through such inner changes, preparation that at then and we will want, yearn for changes, next developmental states exactly how it is “engraved” in the initial plan. Our purpose, our goal will match the overall purpose, plan exactly.

What do we gain by this? We gain the “mind”, the “initial thought” of the vast, cosmic natural system that bright reality into life. We will understand and agree to each tiny detail, cause and effect process as if we ourselves designed the system and its plan.

By that we reach the highest possible consciousness, perception in reality. This is the true freedom we can acquire achieving to evolution’s plan.

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