Mission Impossible: Changing Ourselves

Question: What will be the last impossible thing for humans to do?

Answer: The greatest, most important “mission impossible” we need to do is changing our inherently self-serving, self-justifying and egoistic nature to its opposite. We have to change the hateful, selfish Human individual – by craftily using, “tricking” the ego itself – to its opposite.

This “inner fallout” with our own nature is completely impossible and still, this is exactly what we need to do in order to survive and continue evolution on a qualitatively higher level.

In order to succeed with this “mission impossible” first we need the right, closed, mutually responsible and mutually complementing environment, where this “miracle” unfolds. Then we need the appropriate, practical, educational method which can facilitate such unprecedented process with scientific methodology, precision.

Finally in order for the “miracle” (“miracles” are completely normal, natural phenomena, but for the time being we can’t see the cause and effect processes unfolding to make them happen, thus we consider them supernatural) to unfold we have to “force”, proactively recruit Nature’s evolutionary force to perform the necessary “upgrade” on us by our consent, by our request, “ahead of time”, instead of waiting for such changes to unfold “in their due time” through obligating, intolerable crisis situations, physical suffering.

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