Fine Tuning Perception

Question: When painful things happen in the world, what disturbs you more, the things that happen, or about opinions of the things that happen? Can opinions have an affect on how painful things can be resolved if at all?

Answer: It is a fantastic question that truly hits the nail on the head!

Our perception of reality is completely subjective, introverted. The measurements of “painful/pleasant”, “sweet/bitter” only work from our own point of view, while it might be completely false from the point of view of another, or from the point of view of the complete system we exist in.

Wise, empirical scientists – who by changing themselves. their point of view – researched and revealed the whole fabric of natural reality, with its “theory of everything” tell us, that we actually exist in a perfect reality, where there is nothing “evil”, “painful”, “negative”, but everything is purposeful, complementing the absolutely perfect whole.

Thus as you suggested from our point of view everything depends on our reaction, opinion, attitude towards the system and all the events, cause and effect processes that are unfolding. Which means that we ourselves determine how we see, experience the world, our life depending on our viewpoint.

And as perception of reality, research, judging situations depend on the similarity of qualities in between the observer and the observed, we need to find a way of “tuning our frequency” to the frequency of the perfect Natural system. The more matching the frequencies are the more we will see perfection instead of pain and suffering, as we will view everything as necessary and purposeful, inevitably leading towards a perfect, final state.

(And here “final” again only concerns our developmental process, until we reach perfect equivalence of qualities, since from the system’s point of view everything is already perfect, nothing changes)

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