I Can Get No Satisfaction…But Together We Can

Question: Why we are never truly satisfied?

Answer: Our inherent “matter” is an insatiable, exponentially growing desire for pleasures. Today the larger part of Humanity lives in societies where we have more abundance available than kings used to have a few generations ago. Still we are becoming increasingly emptier, depressed, we turn to all kinds of artificial, twisted pleasures, desperate substance abuse as we simply cannot fulfill our insatiable “black hole” of a desire with the pleasures available for us.

This has an evolutionary reason, purpose. At our present developmental crossroad, this overwhelming sense of lack of fulfillment, emptiness despite having everything, depression is forcing us to re-evaluate our purpose in life, forcing us to find a true, Human meaning for life by exploring completely different pleasures and the perfect way of receiving them.

We will have to learn how combine our invariable desires and mutually, altruistically fulfill them for one another. By that we will generate perfect, infinite fulfillment for all.

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