The Hard Truth About Wisdom

Question: What is the hardest thing to learn about wisdom?

Answer: The hardest thing to learn about wisdom is that wisdom is not ours. Wisdom is not some kind of a personal knowledge we can upload into our brain and use it when we need it.

True Wisdom is absolute, it is the perfect Wisdom of Nature that surrounds us. In order to access, use this Natural Wisdom first we have to discard, annul our own personal wisdom, intelligence. Then we can connect to, access Nature’s perfect, infinite database to upload information from it to our computer.

And of course this is hard, we don’t like to give up what we seem to know, understand about life, to get rid of our “solid”, subjective worldview, understanding, in favour of some “Higher Wisdom” being uploaded to our mind. We don’t like the idea that we depend on Nature or some external force-field outside of ourselves.

Human history has been about trying to prove our independence, that we can stand on our feet, and take our fate into our own hands. Slowly – as a result of the unsolvable global crisis affecting every facet of Human activity – we need to humble ourselves and learn how to access true Wisdom – while annuling ourselves, our inherent pride.

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