Yes, Money Makes The World Go Around… For Now, But Not For Long…

Question: Money makes the world go round, is that a accurate quote?

Answer: Yes, as our world is built and operated right now, this is a correct, accurate quote. Everything is measured by material wealth, material growth, trade and financial figures, the pulse of the world is felt by the ups and downs of the major Stock Exchange markets. Even individual people are assessed by their personal worth on the Forbes list. By sudden inheritance, lottery win or a startup being bought by Google a nobody becomes a VIP overnight.

On the other hand this is unnatural, it is a false system that was built according to our inherently self-serving, egoistic and greedy nature. We created a Human system that acts like cancer in Nature’s closed, fully integrated and interdependent network, that is built on completely different – mutually responsible, mutually complementing, altruistic – principles, processes.

As a result our Human bubble is now in a deepening, unsolvable global crisis. In this form we do not have the right to exist in Nature’s vast, cosmic system due to our incompatibility, so the system started rejecting us like a foreign body.

We won’t be able to do anything against this rejection other than changing ourselves, our ideologies, values and structures, in order to adapt and re-integrate within Nature.

Thus we are standing at very sensitive and fateful crossroads, where we have to decide if we comply with Nature’s laws or continue our own egoistic, cancer-like self-destruction.

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