Life’s Origin

Question: How did life even emerge?

Answer: I think that in order to find the answer to the question of life’s origin, first we need to assume life has always existed and instead examine how we can perceive life.

We assume that we already “live”, but in truth we are like “zombies”, half alive, half dead, pursuing a very limited, day to day existence, blindly chasing randomly appearing desires in between involuntary birth and death. This “humanoid life” is simply an illusion to give us the opportunity to awaken ourselves to “real life”, to awaken ourselves from a long coma we have been locked in.

Life is about mutual circulation, communication in between particles, cells of closed, fully integrated Natural systems. In order to sense “true life” first we need to assemble such a closed, fully integrated living body out of the instinctively cancer-like, individualistic Human beings.

Only when we start living, operating as a single organism – at least initially in a small, purposefully assembled environment, “laboratory” – with a single, qualitatively much higher collective intelligence, can we start examining what a “truly Human life” is.

Then we will be able to trace “life” back to its origin, understanding all the cause and effect processes that led to our existence. Then we will understand life’s meaning and our unique individual and collective purpose in it.

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