Serving In Order To Serve

Question: Who do you serve and how do you serve this entity or group?

Answer: I think everybody feels that they are serving someone, someones or something. We have already figured out through Human development – that although our inherently selfish, egoistic and greedy nature wants to be served all the time – in order to survive in a Human society we also have to give to others, serve others, otherwise we won’t receive what we need.

We serve our families, our workplace, our patients, costumers, we serve our country and if we are religious we serve a “Higher Entity” we believe in. Still all this service is inherently egoistic, we serve in order to receive something – necessities, payment, recognition, respect or to avoid a punishment.

The difficulty comes when we want to learn how to serve perfectly, without any feedback or reward for ourselves. This kind of “pure service” is completely against our nature as we simply can’t move without a selfish reward waiting for us at the end of action.

Thus in order to become capable of acquiring the ability to serve selflessly, altruistically – as if we ourselves did not even exist apart from providing a service – we need to enter a unique, purposeful environment which offers as a reward this very ability of pure, selfless service.

Then we start a process of mutually serving, supporting one another in order to reach the completely “superhuman”, “supernatural” ability of selfless, altruistic bestowal, love towards others. We can imagine how unique the environment and the method it applies has to be, so it can twist and turn, trick and mislead our inherently selfish egos, so at the end our inherent being agrees to annul itself and clothe into a new quality it never wanted, agreed to!

Why would anybody acquire the ability to serve, bestow, love others in total self-annulment?! Because through that quality, through the similarity achieved we could then start sensing Nature’s single governing, life giving source that possesses such “superhuman” quality. By that we can become partners with this force sensing, tasting Nature’s perfection in an infinite, truly, tangibly eternal manner!

Only people who are already “obsessed” with the question of “overall meaning”, “Human purpose” in life can even comprehend this notion, and agree to start the process where they themselves disappear and only an invisible, selfless servant remains of them, which invisible servant then becomes the objective observer of reality.

Personally I have started serving such a unique environment which aims to reach that goal.

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