Being Successful By Being Generous

Question: Is being generous a good quality to have if you want to be successful?

Answer: Yes.

We evolved into a globally integrated, fully interdependent world.

In any closed, integral Natural system success means maintaining balance and homeostasis in order to facilitate circulation of building materials, nutrition, communication, life.

Such positive, healthy mutual circulation, mutual communication works only if the initially “cancer-like” cells, organs (or Human beings in a Human society) – that take everything only for their own sake – start giving more to the collective, than what they take for themselves.

More precisely (since one can’t give what one does not have) they selflessly, transparently let the system’s circulation to flow through them, taking only what they need for their healthy, purposeful survival and let everything else to flow towards others.

Thus in order to become successful (and survive) in our current, fully integrated and interdependent world, we all have to become generous towards one another, making calculations for the well-being of the whole collective above our instinctively selfish, egocentric calculations.

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