Humanity’s Futile Existential Crisis

Question: What exemplifies futility of humanity?

Answer: I think right now the best example is the unfolding demise of Europe.

After all the idea of European Union, different nations assembling to facilitate economic cooperation, create common markets, harmonize financial institutions, allow free flow of workforce, create a common space without borders is a perfect, moreover progressive idea worth pursuing.

But it leads to bitter failure, moreover it can lead to worse war than the last one, if we keep ignoring our inherent Human nature that is 100% self-serving, self-justifying, hateful, greedy and subjective. This nature of ours distorts, corrupts everything regardless of how beautiful, “foolproof” it looks at the beginning.

Thus we are in this futile, paradoxical situation: in order to solve problems, progress and survive we need to unite and build mutually responsible, mutually complementing cooperation – but due to our inherent nature, instinctive attitude and behavior we are unable to do so!

And we will continue to fail until we self-destruct unless we start correcting the only problem that needs correcting: our own nature – through the right, purposeful and practical educational method that can perform the necessary fundamental changes through positive motivation, using our free choice.

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