Life Saving Quote

Question: What single quote or saying would you like to share with us?


Hence, I shall remind you of the power of love of friends, especially at this time, as upon this depends our right to exist, and by that is our near success measured. So put away all your imaginary dealings and let your hearts devise and contemplate the proper modes to bond your hearts as one. Then, the verse “love thy friend as thyself” will literally be applied within you.

–Baal HaSulam, Pri Hacham (A Sage’s Fruit), Letters, p. 144

This quote, that was written about a hundred years ago, seems to be archaic, religious, mystical, but in truth this quote and its practical application applies to the whole of Humanity at a time, when we are helplessly drifting towards an unprecedented global meltdown.

The “love thy friend as thyself” it refers to is the single, most important condition our collective Human survival depends on. Only by building selfless, altruistic, mutually supportive and mutually complementing global interconnections – above inherent differences and instinctive hate – can we solve problems and survive in a globally integrated and interdependent world.

Only through such seamless, mutual integration within Humanity can we integrate into Nature’s fully integral system, thus meriting survival and optimal development.

And in order to achieve such a fundamental, “supernatural” – above instinctive nature – self-change, we have to implement the unique educational method Rav Yehuda Ashlag (Baal HaSulam) developed for us.

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