Infinite Wealth

Question: What is the greatest form of wealth?

Answer: There is a saying, “wealthy is the person who is content with what one has”.

As Kabbalists – unique, empirical, natural scientists who attained all of Nature’s laws, principles, its “theory of everything” – explain “infinite pleasure”, “infinite fulfillment” does not mean something that cannot be grasped that just goes on and on forever.

“Infinite fulfillment” means perfectly, completely fulfilling one’s actual needs, desires leading to a sense of perfection, absolute balance, homeostasis. It is fulfilling a cup to its brim.

We all have a unique mixture of desires from the so called “animate” (food, sex, family) and “social” (wealth, power/fame, knowledge) desires comprising this cup. When all the separate desires with all of their permutations are perfectly fulfilled in that actual moment, we reach the sense of that perfect contentment, “wealth”.

But something happened to our generation which is the most empty, depressed and helpless in Human history. When seemingly we can fulfill all the above mentioned desires many times over – finding fulfillment even for the artificially generated, “turboed” desires consumerist “aggregate demand” injected in us – we feel more miserable, angry, hopeless than ever.

This is because Natural evolution” switched on” a new desire in us that relates to finding life’s overall meaning. This desire does not let us settle for less and keeps on driving us until we find our unique individual and collective Human purpose in existence.

This new desire does not render the previous desires and their fulfillment obsolete. We still have to live our lives as before, making sure that our basic, natural necessities for a healthy, modern, Human life are fulfilled.

But from now on we will never ever feel ourselves content, fulfilled, “wealthy” unless we find our life’s meaning, until we find and perfectly fulfill our Human purpose.

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