When The “Occult” Becomes Scientific Knowledge

Question: What is the Most Powerful Occult Knowledge Known to Man?

Answer: Many would claim that the Wisdom of Kabbalah is an occult method.

Since to those who haven’t attained the full, complete picture, understanding of Natural reality – which Kabbalah as THE Instruction Guide To Reality facilitates – the intricate cause and effect processes that achieve this revelation, that govern our world, existence behind the scenes are unseen, from their point of view Kabbalah indeed looks occult, mystical and we can’t blame them.

On the other hand in our generation this scientific method opened up, thus everybody can freely, without any coercion or trickery use its tools to achieve the above mentioned full attainment.

Then all the labels of “occultism”, “mysticism” will peel off, showing Kabbalah in its true, shining light, as the only scientific method Humanity needs to fulfill its evolutionary purpose.

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