Marriage Made In Heaven

Question: For anyone who felt like they “settled” with someone, what led you to that point, and how did it turn out?

Answer: I guess you mean with “being settled” that one manages to live with another person harmoniously, in a healthy, sustained relationship.

I agree with you, this is not easy, especially in our generation when our egoistic development has reached its maximum potential.

How can two, proudly individualistic, egocentric, narcissist live together?! How could they find the force for the inevitable compromises, self-annulment?!

Usually it happens by finding a common purpose, which used to be the children. Still we see a lot of couples breaking up immediately after the children left and “midlife crisis” sets in.

As wise sages suggest a marriage – or any other Human relationship – “settles”, becomes sustainable only when “Divinity” – the “godly qualities” of selfless, unconditional, true love – appears in between the couple.

And since such a “true love” – selflessly, unconditionally serving the other without any selfish calculations, as if I didn’t exist – is completely against our inherently selfish, egoistic nature, without a unique education, preparation we can’t build a settled, harmonious relationship with another.

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