Accidental Science

Question: What small event had the most surprising effect on the course of human advancement in science?

Answer: I guess the proverbial apple falling on Newton’s head would be high on the list. But I think if we looked behind all of the great discoveries, inventions we would surprisingly find that all of them happened in “accidental” circumstances.

Our inherently proud, individualistic, egoistic nature likes to take credit for everything we do, but in truth in Nature’s system there exist all the blueprints, flowcharts, all the data that we are simply stumbling upon.

We could become much more effective and solve our mounting problems much easier if we started humbly studying Nature’s perfect system not in order to exploit it for our narrow, egocentric reward, but in order to attain and justify its perfection.

If we approach Nature’s “supercomputer” with the right “code” – intention, then we can connect to its infinite database and download anything we want from it.

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