Overriding The Autopilot

Question: When did you realize your life was in “autopilot,” as in, you weren’t in control?

Answer: I had this suspicion for a long time, that we are simply going through the motions, “living” life automatically, blindly lead by instincts, hormonal impulses regardless of the positions, professions, successes or failures we encounter in life.

But I only realized, actually sensed this in a unique “laboratory”, in a Human environment that is specifically designed to show us how much we are enslaved to our inherently egoistic, self-serving, self-justifying and subjective nature.

Then if we do not like this state, if we want to disconnect from “The Matrix” and live a truly autonomous life with real free choices, the same “laboratory” and its purposeful, practical method gives us the tools to achieve the “escape” from the ego, and the start of a new, “truly Human” life.

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