Truly Awe-Inspiring

Question: What do you find awe-inspiring?

Answer: I – like many others – find Nature’s perfect, magnificent system awe-inspiring. But what I find even more awe-inspiring is how seemingly small changes in how I relate to others, how I approach the “outside world” can change everything.

We are used to sitting in our own, inherently dark, egocentric, self-protective, self-justifying, introverted caves. We are most of the time like the “worm that lives in a bitter radish, unaware of a beautiful world outside of this radish”.

Thus it is literally an “eye-opener” when we can leave this subjective, dark cave, and peek out of the bitter radish by seeing, tasting reality through the desires, needs, viewpoints of others! Only through this selfless, objective point of view can we truly appreciate Nature’s perfection, magnificence!

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