Only My Subjective Viewpoint Needs Changing!

Question: What is a subtle thing a person can do that immediately makes you want to stay away?

Answer: The interesting thing is that it does not depend on that other person! It solely depends on my own state!

Our perception of reality, our relation to the world is completely egocentric, introverted, subjective. How we see others, how we react to what they seemingly do, is 100% dependent on my own state, relation to that person.

The best example is how mothers basically tolerate anything from their own children, considering it “sweet, cute”, while a much smaller annoyance outrages them if it is about another child.

So when the next time someone seemingly does something that makes you want to stay away, first examine yourself, your relation to the person, why you feel repulsion, why you can’t connect.

Life is a beautiful educational process which is about learning how to change ourselves. There is nothing else to change in the world, only ourselves, more precisely how we relate to others, how we connect to others. By changing this, we will change the world!

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