Awakening The Dawn

Question: How do you want to spend your mornings this year?

Answer: The mornings, especially the early morning before the sun comes up are very important. It is not accidental that if there is anything different religions, spiritual teachings can agree on is the special use of those early hours of dawn.

In that special time in between the darkness of the night and the light of day we can truly prepare for the day and aim it towards the right direction, worthy goals. If the day is built, started properly it will unfold much better, efficiently than when we just jump out of bed and rush to work still half asleep.

Those who use the morning purposefully “awaken the dawn” instead of waking for the dawn to awaken them.

Personally I will spend my early mornings as I have been spending it for a few years now, together with a special group of people, who are all committed to mutually help each other to find the true, overall meaning of life, to find and fulfill our individual and collective Human purpose in existence.

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