Consciously Upgrading The Survival Reflex

Question: Are people inherently selfish; is it a survival mechanism? Answer: Yes for both. We are all born with an inherently self-serving, self-justifying, self-protecting, egoistic nature. This is according to the “primordial”, animate survival reflex of Nature. There is one problem though in relation to Humans… All other parts, elements, creatures in Nature’s fully integrated … More Consciously Upgrading The Survival Reflex

Overriding The Autopilot

Question: When did you realize your life was in “autopilot,” as in, you weren’t in control? Answer: I had this suspicion for a long time, that we are simply going through the motions, “living” life automatically, blindly lead by instincts, hormonal impulses regardless of the positions, professions, successes or failures we encounter in life. But … More Overriding The Autopilot

Rising Above Human Instincts

Question: Is it true that humans are born without instincts? Answer: Not at all. We are just as instinctive by default as other animals, except that we are “worse”, because our Human instincts are completely self-serving, egoistic, exploitative, thus instinctively we behave like cancer in Nature’s fully integrated and interdependent cosmic system. But this gives … More Rising Above Human Instincts

True Love

Question: What single characteristic is most important when searching for the love of your life? Answer: I think in order for people to connect they need at least a certain level of similarity in between them, they both need to accept, like one another externally, they need to have similar interests, values, goals in life, … More True Love