Consciously Upgrading The Survival Reflex

Question: Are people inherently selfish; is it a survival mechanism?

Answer: Yes for both. We are all born with an inherently self-serving, self-justifying, self-protecting, egoistic nature. This is according to the “primordial”, animate survival reflex of Nature.

There is one problem though in relation to Humans…

All other parts, elements, creatures in Nature’s fully integrated and interdependent system feel instinctive integration, thus although they also operate on a basic, “selfish survival” program it is subordinate to the overall, “global” well-being, balance and homeostasis of the whole system.

In other words the survival of the whole collective trumps the survival of the individual. This is beautifully clear, obvious in Nature’s “Animal Kingdom” or among the cells, organs of our own biological Human body.

But Humans programmed to raise the importance of their own individual survival above the importance of helping the whole system to survive and sustain balance, homeostasis.

This is why Human by default behave as “viruses, or cancer”, ruthlessly, exclusively competing, exploiting everything, succeeding at the expense of each other and the system, thus causing destruction which at the end leads to self-destruction.

But this is neither “evil”, nor “sinful”.

This is purposeful on the side of Natural evolution, there is a reason why “we were released into production” in a “half-finished”, raw form. This provides us with free choice and unique Human ability to take into our hands and finish our development in a proactive, conscious manner, at the end making us as the “Crowns of Creation/evolution”

We are capable of recognizing this inbuilt “fault” in us, considering ourselves higher than others, higher than the system, we are capable of recognizing the instinctive, self-destructing fate that awaits us without changing – as it happens “live” in our days.

Thus in our generation we have reached this historic moment, when we can start our last, conscious phase of development, proactively using Nature’s evolutionary force to upgrade ourselves – according to evolution’s “intelligent” plan.

By proactively, consciously integrating into Nature – through mutually integrating with each other – above and against our inherent programming, we start to gain unprecedented, total, objective insight into nature’s perfect system and its operations. We will understand evolution’s plan from its initial point till its perfect completion.

Thus on one hand we will become like any other particle, creature in the system, fully integrating as “individual cogwheels”, on the other hand we will gain such a consciousness, perception that will give us the sense, that we ourselves designed, operate, own the whole system!

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