Turning Philosophy Into Practical Science

Question: What are the most optimistic philosophical views?

Answer: The only optimistic philosophical view is one that becomes implemented in practice.

Usually philosophy is “airy”, it can be very catchy and attractive as it lacks realistic, mundane “earthly” foundations. A philosopher can devise a theory without limits, without considering natural laws or our inherent Human nature.

The devastating failures, catastrophes in Human history have been as a result of trying to implement such “groundless” philosophies, like Marxism for example, or the nowadays popular, liberal ideology, which is as useful and “optimistic” as John Lennon’s song “Imagine”, declaring that if we imagine, dream about a beautiful future it will unfold by itself.

And since it of course such groundless philosophies can’t yield positive results, they gradually become oppressive, dogmatic ideologies, leading to terrible actions and then rebound actions, for example like the rise of Nazism, fascism in our days.

The only truly “optimistic” philosophical view I know – described by unique, original, empirical Natural scientists who mapped and attained Nature’s system with all of its laws and cause and effect processes – that we can change the world only by first changing, upgrading ourselves.

This has been a “philosophical view” until our times, because it lacked practical implementation as Humanity has not reached the state of “self-recognition”, the understanding that without changing ourselves we won’t survive.

But today we have reached this very scary but fateful self-recognition, we already know for certain that we will never be able to solve our problems with political, economic, social or military means but we make everything worse.

Only by upgrading our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, hateful and greedy nature on which all political, economic, social systems are built – with unique, positive, altruistic intentions can we start building lasting, true connections, cooperation, without which there is no survival in a globally integrated, interdependent world.

It is time to convert the “optimistic philosophical views” of those original, Natural scientists into practical, empirical science as they truly are.

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