What Is “Ugly” About Money? The User!

Question: What is the ugly truth about money?

Answer: As with everything else, there is nothing wrong with money itself. Money has been an extremely useful invention, facilitating trade, making it possible that we do not need to exchange product to product, but we can use an intermediary ”substance” instead.

The problem is how we use money. The problems is always with the “user”, the Human being.

We are the ones who are misusing, exploiting, abusing everything we invented, mostly turning them into excessive profit making , or learning how to use them – from antibiotics, microbiology to nuclear research, etc – as weapons against each other.

This is how we made money as idol, worshiping it, accumulating money, wealth for status, power, control, destruction.

As the unsolvable, deepening global crisis shows, finally we are reaching the recognition that nothing else needs changing, correcting, upgrading, but our own, inherently selfish, egoistic, hateful and greedy Human nature – through the right, purposeful and practical education, upbringing.

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