The Problem With Philosophy

Question: Did you change the philosopher you prefer from time to time? Why did you do that?

Answer: I have left philosophy behind altogether. And the reason is that in the helplessly unsolvable global Human crisis – which affects everything we do – we need decisive, practical actions, methods that can pull us out of the self-destructive whirlpool we find ourselves in.

Philosophy, the so called “theoretical sciences” – all classical sciences have become – can’t help us any longer, we have hit a wall, we reached the limit of how much of reality we can explore, understand with our inherently self-centered, self-serving, self-justifying consciousness, perception of reality.

We urgently need a purposeful, practical, scientific method, which can create a selfless, transparent, objective observer, researcher out of us, so we can start properly assessing and solving our problems, by seeing, attaining reality “as it is”.

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