Failed Intellect

Question: At what point does the intellect fail a person who exclusively relies on it for everything in life?

Answer: Our intellect, reason is 100% egocentric, subjective, thus it is extremely limited. Moreover we are primarily emotional creatures, thus we are driven by emotional impressions, instincts and hormonal reactions. Our mind is “only” there to register, catalog, sort those emotional impressions, to prepare us for the next such emotional input.

But our ego is very shrewd, so far it managed to make us believe that we are wise, intelligent creatures, that we can use our “supreme Human minds” to plot our way forward.

And we happily accept this favorable illusion despite the whole of human history proving how mindless and instinctive we are, stumbling blindly through helplessly recurring, vicious cycles, making the same mistakes again and again, falling into the same traps all the time.

Thus in short our intellect fails us from the beginning, but today, when our illusory Human bubble entered an unsolvable, irreparable crisis, we are ready to accept this in the lack of any other choice.

Unless we humbly accept reality and prepare ourselves to acquire a higher, collective intellect, collective mind that can harmonize itself with Nature’s perfect, “Universal Mind” – which can also control our emotions – we wont be able to solve our mounting global problems and we won’t survive evolution.

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